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Medical Coding Graduates

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ICD-10 Certification

ICD-10 Certification Prepares You for the Medical Coding Roadmap Ahead

About ICD-10

ICD 10 Certification

Learn ICD-10 to advance your medical coding certification and education. You can become proficient with the new ICD-10 system by taking a comprehensive Allied training program online. Your specific profession and job requirements will determine which courses you should enroll in. All medical coding professionals will need to take an Anatomy and Physiology course to refresh their knowledge of the human body and terminology. Medical workers in a private medical practice will need to take an ICD-CM course which covers the difference between the ICD-9 and ICD 10 coding system. Hospital personal working with in-patients will need to take the ICD-PCS course and possibly the ICD-CM course as well.

You have worked hard to get your Medical Coding Certification, learning ICD-10 is just the next step to keeping your career on track. Allied’s ICD-10 programs provide the vital training that will help coders and medical professionals pass these required exams. Prepare yourself for the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 and keep your medical coding certification on course with an ICD-10 Comprehensive Coding Training Program.

Keeping your medical coding certification up-to-date is important to your career:

  • Learn the knowledge to continue to perform your job with an unparalleled expertise
  • Maximize your potential to succeed and further enhance your career as a medical coder

Plus, according to the AAPC’s most recent yearly salary survey, in an article written by Rhonda Buckholtz at Becker’s ASC Review, “the results of over 12,000 respondents indicated that even during this time of recession, the salaries of coders was climbing.” Ms. Buckholtz goes on to say that “there is a growing demand for skilled coders in a tough economic and health reimbursement environment.” And, above all, that “the coding future looks extremely bright.”

A wide range of career options available for medical coders:

  • Auditing
  • Billing
  • Education
  • Management
  • Consulting
  • And many more!

Allied’s ICD-10 programs offer comprehensive online solutions which keep you up to date with industry standards. Below are just a few reasons why it’s essential that medical professionals get started on ICD-10 training and add necessary value to their medical coding certification.

Why enroll in ICD-10 training with Allied?

  • The transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 is inevitable and all coders will need to learn the new system.
  • Allied is there with you each and every step of the way, with live course coaches a simple phone call or email away.
  • It’s affordable! Account and wholesale pricing available for our B2B clients.
  • Learning ICD-10 with your medical coding certification builds credibility. Stay current and keep up with the times
  • It greatly benefits your employer. The transition to ICD-10 will result in an improved ability to analyze trend data, improved fraud and abuse detection and an improved ability to negotiate provider contracts (Replacing ICD-9-CM with ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Challenges, Estimated Costs and Potential Benefits, Robert E. Nolan Company, October 2003).
  • It’s nationally accredited, self-paced and 100% online.

ICD-10 & Medical Coding Certification. With the implementation of the new ICD-10 coding system in October 2015, professional medical coders will need to keep their careers up to date by passing an ICD-10-CM and/or ICD-10-PCS exam. This upkeep will not only boost your marketability, but also open up opportunities for promotion and career change. With ICD-10 training, coders will learn new codes, naming conventions, characters and new ICD-10 rules. Now is the time to procure the education and training you need to set yourself apart from the rest!


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