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ICD-10 Class

Making the ICD 10 Transition Simple and Painless

About ICD-10

ICD10 Class

In the health care industry today, persistent change and technological advancement are par for the course. The new ICD-10 medical coding implementation is part of that change. On October 1, 2015, the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 will take place, making it a significant hurdle for the health care industry and a requirement for medical coders everywhere to achieve the ICD-10 classification.

Allied makes this possible with a new, industry-approved ICD-10 class that is self– paced and 100% online. Yes, that’s right. You can take the class at the pace you desire, and you can do so in the comfort of your own home. Medical coding professionals: get ahead of the game and sign up for an ICD-10 class today!

What You’ll Learn in the ICD-10 Class:

  • New Codes: ICD-10 will bring with it an additional 55,000 codes (AMA)
  • New Characters: ICD-10 codes comprise 3-7 characters, as opposed to the 3-5 of ICD-9
  • New Names: ICD-10 digit 1 is alpha; digits 2 and 3 are numeric; digits 4-7 are alpha or numeric
  • New Knowledge: ICD-10 will require a more detailed knowledge of anatomy and medical terminology with increased specificity (American Academy of Professional Coders)
  • New Concepts:  ICD-10 will come with new laterality (i.e., codes identifying right vs. left)
  • New Perspective: Allied’s ICD-10 class provides you with a thorough understanding of the history of ICD-10 and how to effectively assign codes based on ICD-10 official guidelines
  • New Rules: ICD-10 will consist of specific coding rules, descriptions and guidelines; exclusion and inclusion of terms for cause-of-death titles; a tabular list containing codes and cause-of-death titles; and an alphabetized index for injury origins and diseases, table of drugs, chemical and external injury causes

ICD-10 Class Career Benefits:

  • Enrolling today in Allied’s ICD-10 class will prepare you for a seamless, fully-educated transition and help set you apart from your peers, solidifying your role as a valuable, indispensable asset.
  • According to the most recent AAPC yearly salary survey, “12,000 respondents indicated that even during this time of recession, the salaries of coders was climbing” (Rhonda Buckholtz, Becker’s ASC Review). Boost your earning potential with an ICD-10 class from Allied!
  • With the implementation of ICD-10, providers and staff will benefit from increased classification accuracy and a more effective means of communication. Take advantage with an ICD-10 class today!
  • The day-to-day minutiae in medical coding will be vastly more streamlined, efficient and accurate. Make life easier by enrolling in Allied’s ICD-10 training today!
  • Overall, there is a growing demand for skilled coders. With the ICD-10 class from Allied, coders will have the benefit of enhancing their skill sets and increasing their value as commodities within the job marketplace.

Take control of your career, boost your marketability and gain essential knowledge with an ICD-10 class from Allied. Enroll today in the 100% online solution for your ICD-10 implementation preparation!

Call (888) 822-2823 to enroll today or you can click below to receive FREE information about the ICD-10 classes.

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