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Medical Coding Graduates

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What is Medical Coding and Billing?
Medical coding and billing are vital parts of the medical billing process. From the time a doctor sees a patient...

Medical Coding and Billing

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About Medical Coding and Billing

Medical Coding and Billing Careers - Even More Opportunities for Your Future!

Thought about diversifying your career? What better way than to combine two valuable skills! Often these skills go hand-in-hand, providing increased employment opportunities for the trained professional. If you just want to build a dedicated medical coding career or venture into medical Billing and Coding, the extra billing knowledge can give you a leg up! Learn about the career potential and future salaries.

Medical Billing and Coding Careers Increase Your Career Potential

Become a well-rounded resource in the healthcare community by maximizing your career potential as a medical Billing and Coding specialist. Be prepared to be a vital part of any hospital, clinic and healthcare facility nationwide – Medical Billing and Coding careers open the door to many career paths!

A medical Coding and Billing specialist is responsible for accurately recording and processing data about patients, such as treatment records, insurance information, bills and payments. As a biller and coder, you will code a patient's treatment and diagnosis, and request payments from the insurance company or directly from the individual – you'll play an essential part in the billing cycle from beginning to end!

Specifically, as a medical coder, you will assign specific numeric codes to medical services, procedures and diagnoses. You will apply the right code in the right place and streamline the medical billing process. Your billing duties will include completing claim forms and billing insurance companies for payment of medical services. The goal is to maintain accurate health records and ensure that doctors get paid fast and accurately.

Medical Coding and Billing Salaries – How Much Can You Earn?

Medical coding and billing salaries depend on the type of career you have and where you decide to work. Based on Payscale Data, you can earn a median salary of $40,248 as a Medical Billing Manager, $40,000 as a Billing Supervisor and $34,024 as a Medical Records Coder. Combine your skills for specialized career opportunities that include:

  • Medicare Specialist
  • Clinical Documentation Specialist
  • Compliance Officer
  • Medical Chart Review Officer
  • Patient Financial Representative
  • Overpayment Recovery Specialist

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Medical Coding and Billing